Insurance FAQ


Q: Are you in network with my insurance company?

A: Peterson's Orthotic Lab is completely out of network with insurance.

Q: Do you take my insurance?

A: Peterson's Orthotic Lab does not accept insurance as a form of payment. We do accept HSA and FSA cards. 

Q: Can you bill my insurance?

A: Though Peterson's Orthotic Lab does not accept insurance as a form of payment, we can bill out to insurance for you; informing your insurance company to reimburse you directly as you have already paid. You must have a prescription from a medical professional in order for us to bill out for you. We cannot bill out to Medicare or their supplements.

Q: Will my insurance reimburse me for this and how much?

A: Peterson's Orthotic Lab has no control over reimbursement amount. Whether or not insurance will reimburse you is completely subject to your policy and reason for needing orthotics. If you have Medicare please refer to the Medicare specific section.

Q: Can I use my HSA/FSA card?

A: Yes, Peterson's Orthotic Lab does accept HSA and FSA cards. 

Q: Do you accept Care Credit?

A: Peterson's Orthotic Lab is unable to accept Care Credit.

Medicare FAQ

Q: Does Medicare pay for orthotics?

A: Medicare does not pay for custom foot orthotics. 

Q: Will my Medicare supplement pay for orthotics?

A: Typically, supplemental plans will not pay for anything that Medicare does not pay for.

Q: Can you bill out to Medicare for me?

A: Peterson's Orthotic Lab is not enrolled with Medicare and therefore we are unable to submit any claims to Medicare.

Q: I have a supplemental plan as well, can you bill out to them for me?

A: Unfortunately claims sent to Medicare supplements need to go through Medicare first; since we are unable to bill out to Medicare we are subsequently unable to bill any Medicare supplements.


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