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About Us

Scott Peterson leads a peloton of cyclists, all of them in full kits with helmets.
Julie Peterson rides in front of several other women, her right hand in the air holding up the number one.
Julie Peterson - Social Media Specialist

Julie has been added to the team as our new social media specialist. She has recently moved here from Las Vegas, NV. Julie is a five times Masters National Champion and two time World Champion cyclist, specializing in time trial and road races. She became involved with CycleSoles and Peterson’s Orthotic lab after getting her first pair of custom orthotics, CycleSoles, for the 2013 National cycling road race here in Bend. She contributes a positive attitude and friendly smile with great energy while still competing.

Scott Peterson - Pedorthist 

As a second generation Pedorthist, Scott has been servicing patients’ needs in the medical field, as well as the needs of professional and Olympic athletes and others in the sports field, for over 23 years. It’s this background, combined with his experience as an Orthotist (specializing in bracing the entire body), that makes him uniquely positioned to help cyclists achieve their most comfortable and powerful position on the bike through the use of custom insoles. His specialties are Gait Analysis and Sport Specific orthotics.


During his time as the President and Founder of Peterson Performance Products, Inc., dba Foot Fitness West, a successful Pedorthic clinic in Bend, Oregon, Scott has supplied 5 pro cycling teams with custom orthotics (Saturn, Navigators, Mercury, Sky, and Garmin).


In 2009 he designed and has a patent applied for on an orthotic molding system for custom cycling orthotics which is the backbone of the Cyclesoles™ revolution. This new approach to alleviating discomfort and harnessing power represents a shift-change in the way that the cycling industry will use and think about custom insoles.


Scott’s contribution to the world of sports goes far beyond cycling. He has sponsored MBSEF racers and supplied them with custom ski orthotics and boot fittings and has been a volunteer at the Disabled Western Regional Waterski Championships, providing on the spot custom solutions and athlete support.


In 2006 and 2007 he formed and supported a team of amputees for Bend, Oregon’s famous Pole Pedal Paddle race, providing the custom orthotics, fittings and prosthetics the athletes required to compete.


An avid cyclist and co-founder of the Cyclesoles Cycling Team, Scott is also accomplished on the water. He has been a Western Regional Waterski Champion and ranked top ten in Nationals in 2002 and 2005.

Scott and Julie Peterson stand side by side behind a tandem bike. They wear matching red, white, and blue cycling kits and they have their helmets under their arms. On the wall behind them hang several old cycling kits from various teams.
Petee Peterson - Greeter/Scott's Assistant
Megan Willmon - Office Administrator

Megan is our office administrator; the smiling face behind the desk when you walk in and the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call to make an appointment. She graduated from Bend High School before moving to Eugene while attending the University of Oregon as an Art Major. Missing the beauty of the High Desert, she moved back to Bend in 2012. She loves reading, drawing, and writing, as well as getting out in nature. Though she is not an elite athlete like Scott and Julie she does enjoy biking for fun as well.

A dog stands with both paws on the handlebars of a dirt bike, his ears flapping back in the wind, as
A couple stand together in biking gear and helmets holding their dog up with a beautiful forest in t
A mostly white dog with orange-brown ears lays on an office chair pushed slightly back from a desk,
A smiling blond woman in a santa hat holds a little white dog up in front of a christmas tree. The d
A small white dog with orange-brown ears and a red collar sits primly in a chair.

Petee is the newest addition to Peterson's Orthotic Lab. He is the foot sniffing, love-giving comfort that many of our patients need. He is very good at what he does. Petee adds a lot of joy and fun to the office and always greets anyone who comes to the door with a wagging tail, especially if there are ear rubs involved.

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